Reward Options to our Kickstarter Supporters
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Cycling Jersey Technical Hemp Reward Options. – On a mission to make the best and most comfortable jerseys out there, we’ve added some new features. – Some of our colours are already available and we’ve also been able to add … Read More

The team behind the video
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Andrew Gonzalez (Thats me) My passion is doing good business as a creative professional.  I’ve been in the fashion industry for 10 years and am working on making sustainable and ethical fashion more accessible to the world.  I’m passionate about … Read More

Our Kickstarter is Live
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  Making giving back and good business possible through crowdfunding Creating the world’s most ethical and sustainable cycling jersey while feeding the homeless and supporting children in need through Unicef. We’re tired of the status quo, so we’re breaking away … Read More

About our Ethical and Sustainable Facilities
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We work with sustainable and ethical facilities both here in Canada and abroad in China. In China our partners are certified and regulated by the European Fair Wear Foundation, so we know that all our garments from farm to shelf are … Read More

The Thoughtful Design Behind Our Jerseys
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  Cycling jersey are either $100 dollars, not visually appealing and made out of cheap fabrics The same fabrics found on $10 golf shirts at the bargain over stock warehouse, or they are $200 ( some even $400!) tight, unflattering … Read More

Tiny living / road trip in your car | sneak peak. Edmonton, Alberta – Tijuana, Mexico
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This is a sneak peak focused on tiny living in your car and traveling with your bicycle down the West Coast.  Full story with all details how-to’s tips, and insights will be posted soon.   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, January 2016 … Read More

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  1. Get on the sidewalk!   According the the law and a more in depth look with bikeshophub it is actually illegal and more dangerous.   2. Get off the street!   3. Oops!   No laughing matter, accidents happen and … Read More

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with No Comments We have all been there, we know what it’s like to feel love, have a warm meal, be cared for and have a roof over our heads.  But it’s also funny because we also know what it was like … Read More

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