Vancouver Bike Expo

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Last years bike show was great, this one will be even better now that we’re going to finally show to the public for the first time.
We’ll have a booth set up with a bunch of your pre made jerseys and even some of the fashion collection.
The really exciting part though is that we’ll have all of our fabrics there in person for you to touch and get familiar with. Also set up in our booth will be our 7 Touch Point Tailoring program, so come do a size fitting and see all the other options we can provide for your custom jersey personal package.

What else is really awesome is that the Bike Expo shares the space with The Outdoor Life Expo, so you’ll be able to combine your love of the outdoors and cycling in one space.

Below is a video of Matt Cline and I checking out last years show.
You got you come!

And for your chance to win two tickets tag a friend on our Twitter post here