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screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-3-14-55-pm     pillar height collections contemporary fashion gentlemen cycling commuter alexander blazer & siempre pant    pender cardigan minima long sleeve apritado tee the get up pant Abbott tee pillar heightsonda cycling jersey eco cycling jersey natural organic sustainable the bridge long sleeve cycling jersey merino wool organic cotton hemp

fabric content pillar heights sustainable Japanese cotton


Garments For The Movement of Soul

Bringing soul back to the modern lifestyle.
Contemporary fashion, music, design and philosophy with soulfulness at the core

Fabric Content

French made Cycling Fabric

•Elasthanne / Polyamid


•The highest, performance French-made fabric

•Toile weave provides great fit and feel

•130 grams per yard

•Tight, solid fit and never unflattering

• Fabric manufactured in France

Hemp, Recycled Polyester & Spandex


•Hemp keeps you cool during the day

•Stretch fabric allows for freedom of movement

•The hemp and poly are ideal for the active lifestyle

•Sustainable textiles

•UV protective and antimicrobial hemp

•Washes and wears extremely well

•Textile creates durable garments

•170 gram weight per yard

•Fabric manufactured in China

Japanese Cotton

• 100% Cotton

•Beautifully knit fabric

•Breathable cotton

• Highest standard of cotton growth

• Fabric grown and woven in Japan

Bamboo Rayon, Cotton & Spandex


•Ultra soft

•Breathable textile regulates body temperature

•Sustainable and natural properties never wash away

•Built-in stretch complements your movement

• Anti-microbial and odour resistant bambo

•300 gram weight per yard

•Fabric manufactured in China

Hemp, Organic Cotton & Spandex


•One of the most sustainable and breathable fabrics from the collection

•One of the softest hemps ever

•Stretch fabric keeps you moving freely

•Anti-microbial fabric keeps you fresh

•Natural UV protection

•Naturally odour resistant

• 205 gram weight per yard

•Fabric manufactured in China

100% Super Fine Merino Wool

•Built-in stretch keeps you moving without spandex

•Softest and strongest wool on the market

•Temperature regulating wool keeps you cool when it’s hot and hot when it’s cool

•Sustainable, naturally renewable fabric

•Anti-microbial properties keep you feeling fresh and helps eliminate odours

•Strong weave resists rips and tears

•150 gram weight per yard fabric

•Fabric manufactured in China

Ribbed Cotton & Spandex


•Beautiful woven for detailing and added stretch

•Vibrant colours

•Breathable textile regulates body temperature

•410 gram weight per yard

•Fabric manufactured in China

Cotton, Modal & Spandex


•Soft, durable and breathable stretch textile

•Modal is softer and less prone to wrinkles than other fabrics

•Sustainable textile

•320 grams per yard

•Fabric manufactured in China

Linin 100%

•Linen with visual appeal and natural properties

•Strong, durable and resistant to abrasion

•Sustainable and naturally breathable

•Cooler in hot temperatures

•Fabric manufactured in China

Stretch Denim

•Cotton, Polyester & Spandex


•Contemporary denim technology with the flexibility of an active pant

•9.5 oz. weight stretch denim

•Fabric manufactured in China