Cyclists Are Tired!

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1. Get on the sidewalk!


According the the law and a more in depth look with bikeshophub it is actually illegal and more dangerous.


2. Get off the street!


3. Oops!


Bicycle accident

No laughing matter, accidents happen and everyday is a risk us cyclist are well aware of. Here’s a couple statistics from pedbikeinfo.


4. Cyclist are tired of horns!



5. When you say something from “Shit cyclists say” unintentionally and get called out on it.



5.2 Hear anything from “Shit cyclists say.”

For more videos like this check out PeopleForBikes youtube page.


6. I could do that, says the unhealthy dude after you complete a century ride.


7. I can see your package!

Cyclist fail, bicycle fail

8. WTF, you paid how much for your bike?



9. Bike shop “that’ll be $100, $500, $5000.”


10. Excuses from your cycling riding partners.


11. Getting name called from drivers.


For more statistics on road range checkout Facts about road rage.


12.  Another list of “new and improved” things to buy.

Do you have the willpower to avoid checking out the

13 New Road Bikes for 2017 from,


Photo from 

14. The Charlie Brown mumble from drivers.


15.  Pssssssssssssst… yep, punctured tires.

16. What do you need another bike for?

17. But it’s so dangerous and not safe!

18. Bikes don’t pay taxes, they don’t have the right to the road.

Read up on a study that breaks down chorally pays for roads. Whose Roads? Evaluating Bicyclists’ and Pedestrians’ Right to Use Public Roadways

19. Hearing other cyclist complain about their ride.

Next time package those complaints into an epic story full of suffering, carnage and break throughs transformation.

20.  Tired of hearing how a lady should dress on a bike.


Cyclist middle finger

21. What are you wearing?

10 Fashion Disasters That Every True Cyclist Should Avoid


22. Really, you’re going to be gone for 4 hours?


23. Hey, Walmart has bikes on sale for $150, should I buy one?

24. When the bike store asks you, “How much are you willing to spend?”

25. Are you wearing a diaper?


bicycle bib

26. You look like a Baboon!

27. So, you think you’re a car?

28. Don’t you have a car?

29. Why don’t you just drive, it’s faster?

30. Are you on STR….. ?  ( yea let’s just leave this one out ).

31. Wow, you really ride in traffic?

32.  I don’t even like to drive 100 miles.


road trip

33. bikes are for kids!

34. Hey, why don’t you get a cyclocross, road bike, fixie, electric bike, track bike, gravel grinder…


Different type of bicycles

35. What pressure are you running.

36. 100 miles? That can’t be good for your balls.

37. I’m tired of being told my bikes not good enough.

38. Why do you shave your legs?

39. Hey, you broke Velominati rules #__.

40. Use your bell.

41. Cyclist are tired of being told to slow down!


If we missed something, write it in the comments below.

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A big thank you for all the ideas from the family at I Love Cycling – VIP for many of your ideas.

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