7 Touch Point Tailoring Program

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Now handcrafted to your personal requirements


What you’ll need

1. Paper and pen, or better yet and even easier download and open the file below.


[btn text=”7 TOUCH POINT CUSTOM TAILORING PROGRAM – Excel File” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#0000FF thovercolor=#FFF link=”https://pillarheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/7-Touch-Point-Tailoring-Program-Pillar-Heights-Cycling-Jersey.xlsx” target=”_self”]


2. Your favorite short or long sleeve cycling jersey.

3. A measuring tape.

*Think you fit our standard sizing? Have a look at the bottom of this page for our sizing chart.

Step 1.

If you’re not using the excel file above, write down the 2 columns on a piece of paper.

Fill in the body measurements for greater accuracy.

Step 2.

Put on your favorite fitting cycling jersey, grab a measuring tape and from A to H on the first column start noting where you would like to add or take off fabric with cm or inches noted,

Eg. If you would like your favorite jerseys sleeve to be 3 cm longer add that in column 1 ( + 3 cm )
For the torso you can pinch any excess fabric and measure from the front side how much you would like added or removed.

We will communicate by phone or e-mail to double check all orders. Don’t hesitate to phone us at 1-236-886-3697 if you need an extra hand.


Step 3.

Lay your favourite jersey down flat on the floor and measure all the points listed and fill in the second column of the 7 Touch Point system.


Step 4.

Fill in the lower part of the 7 Touch point system including what you love and hate about your current jersey. We’ll use this information to build you the best jersey possible.

Step 6.

Once all your information is filled in please save the excel file and e-mail it back to us at info@pillarheights.com or pillarheights@gmail.com . If you did it by paper and pen you can send us the picture by e-mail, phone or on social media.

Step 7.

Please proceed to make an order by selecting the most similar jersey options in the following links and select the Personal Custom Measurement option under sizes and proceed to payment. A Canadian $30 service fee applies for the tailoring program.

Remember you can always call us at 1-236-886-3697 and we’ll be happy to walk you through everything.

– Technical Hemp Short Sleeve
– Technical Hemp Long Sleeve

– French Toile Polyamide Short Sleeve
– French Toile Polyamide Long Sleeve

Thank you so much!

Team Pillar Heights

Here’s our sizing chart with visuals