Kickstarter Upgrades

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Cycling Jersey Technical Hemp Reward Options.

– On a mission to make the best and most comfortable jerseys out there, we’ve added some new features.

– Some of our colours are already available and we’ve also been able to add some new colours!
– Navy and Black may be delayed but the other colours are ready to put into production.
– Please let me know your  first option, second options and third option on the Kickstarter survey incase there are any delays with a certain colour we can give you the choice of waiting for your colour to come in or try to deliver you another colour jersey quicker. Of course we will be in communication and get you exactly what you like, there may just be a time delay. Feel free to email anytime with questions or comments.  We are moving forward with production and super excited to share these with you all.

Thank you again.


Technical Hemp Crew Neck Reward Options

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