Strava Battle Mystery Course

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BATTLE MODE! Male & Female

Sprint 3 segments of a mystery course in a new safe race environment with friends and stranger and prizes. Get strategic by aiming for one or all 3 segments and even working in teams.

6:00 – Meet at the Stanley Park horse carriage parking lot
6:15 – The 3 mystery Strava segments get announced
6:20 – Riders take off at their own pace, it’s only the 3 segments that count.
7:30 – Meet back at the Stanley Park horse carriage parking lot
7:30 – Finish/close your Strava ride
7:35 – 7:45 – Analyze everyone’s data. Find the KOM’s and QOM’s for each segment and also the person with the best time for all 3 segments combines.
7:46 – Award prizes and socialize

Prizes for
– Men’s and women’s
– Each individual segment
– Over all best time of all 3 segments

Prizes include
– Names on our top 20 results list.
– Pillar Heights Technical Hemp cycling jerseys
– Pillar Heights Technical Hemp crew tee
– Abloc Cycling water bottles
– Gift cards
– more to be announced

* Safety first, do not ride to close to anyone else, or bunch sprint. This is an alternative to all that other high risk racing.
1. All three segments must be completed
2. Stava data only
3. Bicycles only (Electric assist or gas powered not permitted)
4. Helmets required
5. Always move in forward motions
6. No U-turns. If you repeat a segment you must find a safe legit way to do so.
7. Winners must be present to receive their physical award
8. Follow all rules of the road since this is not a closed event
9. Cycling etiquette encourages

Next Battle on Nov 29th in West Vancouver.

Want to help out, have questions or get involved please get in touch.

Strava and Mario are not involved in this event.

Andrew Gonzalez
236 886 3697