The Team Behind the Video

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Andrew Gonzalez
My passion is doing good business as a creative professional.  I’ve been in the fashion industry for 10 years and am working on making sustainable and ethical fashion more accessible to the world.  I’m passionate about cycling, music, and all forms of human expression.  Since moving to Vancouver I have reduced my driving by 99% and ride or walk where ever I need. Sustainability and common courtesy are important to me.


He’s 2 and a half years old and loves his sister Bella so much, and actually loves licking her ear every once in a while. He’s very affectionate, loves tummy rubs and always has to sleep as close to someone as possible. He has to run up to greet every dog on the street and park, and thinks he’s the boss of Gastown. He hates skateboards


She’s 8 years old and her original name was April because she was born on April. She loves getting her ear licked by her younger brother Rupert, but what she loves more than that is her orange rubber tennis ball and playing fetch. She loves when humans come up to her to say hi and she replays with wet kisses to the face. Bella is a playful soul and both dogs are Vancouver’s happiest dogs.  Bella currently has an ulcer in her eye and has been wearing a cone around her neck to protect her from scratching and further damaging her eye 🙁

A massive thank you to @eclecticmattcline and his youtube channel for helping with so much of the video recording and his appearance at the beginning of the video.  With out him, none of the video would have been possible. Our shared love for cycling and story telling made this a reality.


Bikes almost daily to commute and on pleasant days she likes riding forest trails and along the river or ocean. When she was 13 she organized rock shows in her home city on Pune (India) for charity. She is soon to launch Shorba Broth Bar which will be serving organic Bone Broth based beverages and meals to Vancouverites – so look out for that!

We met Katie Johnston while volunteering at Eco Fashion Week. Katie rides her electric bike daily in Australia when she’s not out traveling the world showing the world her beautiful sustainable up-cycled jewelry collection You can also follow her on Instagram at @eco_entrepreneur

Rachelle Bureau

She doesn’t have a car so she commutes by bike everywhere (Dutch bike) and rides her road bike an average of 3 times a week. She collects broken cellphones she’s found while cycling and has about 17 now. She runs and owns  Bureau for Designations.

Jackie rides for the love of being on her bicycle. “There’s something about cycling that allows even the most reserved people to feel completely alive. Maybe it’s the freedom that comes with passing by so quickly that I don’t have time to figure out what anyone thinks of me. Maybe it’s the distance that running could never provide. Maybe its the little hats. Who knows?” Says Julia
She used to make fun of cyclists, but now they’re all she sees. ?

A special thanks goes out to Aurdric Moses, Geneva Hargreaves, and Kita Eserve for all their patients good will and willingness to help during the hard times and of course my family and friends.

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