Technical Hemp Properties

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I was always lost for words when describing the properties of the technical hemp cycling jersey but was lucky to receive this replay from a client when I asked them to share their experience with the jersey after a season of indoor winters training in Canada to hitting the mountains of Spain in Spring.

The following is a shorter version of Spencers story.

“If you’ve ever ridden your bike up an epic climb, then you’ve had the displeasure of discovering first hand that what goes up, must come down. The hard, grinding effort which raised your body’s temperature on the way up leaves you a soaked, sweaty and cold mess on the way back down the mountain. Heck, you can experience this just riding flat lands in the early spring! No one likes it and when you’re pushing your limits day in and out that added chill to your core brings you one step closer to catching a nasty cold or flu.

This hemp jersey helps answer this problem which has plagued cyclists for a century. 
I can’t quantify by how much but it just feels better. It keeps you noticeably warmer when it’s cold yet, cools when temperatures rise. While this might seem impossible, I have put this thing through multiple three hour long indoor trainer rides and it’s as breathable as other lightweight climbing jersey’s. 
If I could only own one cycling jersey, this would be it.”