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Cycling jersey are either $100 dollars, not visually appealing and made out of cheap fabrics The same fabrics found on $10 golf shirts at the bargain over stock warehouse, or they are $200 ( some even $400!) tight, unflattering and full of logos and brands and off designs and make you feel like you are a rolling billboard.

I’ve been into countless cycling shops and only one company resonated with my taste but their jerseys was still $170 and still covered in company and sponsors logos. It was hard to match and make an outfit look good form top to bottom.

pillar heights studio


The first jersey I ever designed wasn’t meant for the market, it was meant to be a one off, just for me.

With years in the textile and fashion industry I was able to call on some great talents in the industry and was able to get my hands on some fabrics from France and China, fabrics that would serve different purposes but still work for a riders needs on the bicycle and still look super nice off the bike.  I didn’t want tan lines right above my elbow either.

With fabrics covered, it was time to work on the over all design of the jersey (I’m talking here about the Short Sleeve. I valued the benefits of aerodynamics and understood that your biggest cycling advantage didn’t come from your frame, wheels or fork.  Those benefits came from the gear you were wearing.  But it was’t just about getting a tight spandex fabric, I needed fabrics that had a matte finish, and would still look flattering on the body.  I didn’t need the jersey to look cheap or look like it was painted on. There was a balance I was working with, it had to feel and look just right for my particular taste.
I’m in the fashion industry and put a heavy emphasis on visual and making sure the jerseys looked good, no matter on what bicycle or style of riding I was doing.



One of my biggest problems wearing other cycling jerseys was the tan lines I would get because their sleeves were all to long.  Their “short ” sleeve jerseys stopped just above the elbow. Sure tan lines to cyclists are a badge of honour but having tan lines just above my elbow was a bit ridiculous off the bike wearing everyday non cyclist clothing. So I designed a jersey that would eliminator reduce tan line expose.


Continuing with the theme of tan lines, I didn’t want those around my neck either.   So that beloved cyclist collar was also eliminated.  That saved weight, saved money on labour and materials and actually made the jersey and my over all outfit looks pretty good.  It also added an extra safety feature making the jersey easier for one handed zip-up and downs, because there wasn’t a collar seam the zipper had to struggle to get passed.

This isn’t a sales pitch and more about the thoughts that went into the designs, so I’ll leave it up to here on this story because if I continue I will just get into every single feature and advantage, which is already posted about in our cycling shop, enjoy!