Tiny Living, Big Trips

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This is a sneak peak focused on tiny living in your car and traveling with your bicycle down the West Coast.  Full story with all details how-to’s tips, and insights will be posted soon.

Photography done by http://roughleyoriginals.com
Gareth was nice enough to take these pictures of my set up before I took off on the road from Edmonton. Roughleyoriginals


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, January 2016 -14 Celsius. Hours from mountains, and further from oceans and roads  not covered in ice and snow.  It wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Now this is just a sneak peak so I’ll be brief. I look forward to sharing my full story on “stealth living” in a car for 2 months and traveling down the West Coast, stealth

January 2016 – Built up my Toyota station wagon into a “mini motor home”.  Running water, kitchen, bed, privacy curtain, storage units, road bike… basically everything you needed except a bathroom. Heck I could have showered in the thing if i really wanted to.

February 2016 – Drove to Vancouver, BC, Canada, with everything in the car.  I ended up staying in Vancouver for 3 weeks. Looking at options of moving there and checking out the local scenes for music, art, fashion and business. I was pleasantly surprised and at the end of my trip would come back up from the whole trip to spend another month there.

February – April – Drove down the West Coast all the way to the Southern tip of California, I even cycles across the US and Mexican border hanging out in Tijuana Mexico for the day and cycled back.

I spent 3 weeks in Vancouver, Canada, half of it with friends and the other half stealth camping in my car parking in different neighbourhoods of Vancouver, trying to get a feel for the city. I was a rainy 3 weeks and any chance i could get, i would drop everything and head out on a bicycle ride. In this photo it was plus 4 degree in February going up Mount Seymour. Coming down was another store, it was getting dark and the weather wad dropping, add to that the windchill of doing 40 km- 60km down a mountain wearing clothing meant for spring.


From Vancouver, I took off to Seattle, slept in Portland for a couple days then hit the West Coast. Still plenty of rain and no out door showers in sight. My mind was on LA where there were public bathrooms and showers doting the beaches of Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice. But for now I was enjoying the Northern parts of the states and doing a lot of exploring by foot and car. Adventuring the Red Woods and visiting a couple National Parks.


Since this is a sneak peak only I’m going to go ahead and just and leave things out of order.

San Diego during March, while my family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was sending me photos of snow storms.


Friendship Park right on the border with Mexico. I parked the car in one of the nearest towns to the border and decided to take my road bike across the border and to explore Tijuana by Bicycle.


Days spent by the water and mountains of Malibu and Santa Monica


When in Tijuana I was lucky enough to catch a street festival going. I took the bike for a spin around the city before heading back to the border where the line was 3 hours to get back to The States.


Some mountains North of LA. Honestly I just went on Strava and looked for some decent climbs.


I couldn’t let the rain stop me from riding any longer. This was on my back up North. On the way down I didn’t spend as much time on my bike as i would have likes. So rain or shine in San Francisco, I was going to ride. This actually ended up being one of the best rides of my life, North of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Welcome to USA were you are welcomed to hitch a ride with almost almost anyone… as long as you can keep up. That guy on the top right is the owner of Abloc water bottles. It’s crazy who you been on the road.


North of San Francisco


April brought me back to Vancouver, Canada where I unpacked my car and moved to Gastown. 🙂


You know it’s a good move when you get fed free taco’s when you’r just going to visit one of your fav studio shops.

Follow whentheyfindus for all good things Vancouver.

They day I went to drive my car…. it was missing. It ended up getting broken into. Window smashed towing fees, basically 400 dollars later I had my car back with a new un-tinted back window. I now park my car with the windows down. If you want to come in or need anything from it, help your self.


But honestly who needs a car in Vancouver, bike commuting has doubles since last year, and the Mayor is on a massive push to increase bike lanes and public transit. His mission is to make this the greenest city by 2020. Pillar Heights will be there to help. A 7 minute bike ride with a towel, frisbee and a bag of chips in my backpack and you’re in local paradise. English Bay



Thats the end of the sneak peak.  I look forward to getting deeper on all the details and moods in the near future.

– Andrew Rene Gonzalez 😉